Top Places to Work

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Top Places to Work recognizes outstanding company cultures in the Westchester, Mid Hudson Valley Region of New York State. Nominees are evaluated in five categories, Integrity, Gratification, Equity, Solidarity and Appreciation.

Solidarity Fosters a socially welcoming work culture ~ Sense of team or family ~ Ability to be genuine and authentic as individuals
Gratification Employees are proud of: personal contributions, team contributions, organization’s products and reputation.
Equity Rewards are distributed with fairness ~ Promotions and hiring are based on ability and qualifications ~ there is a process for appeals ~ Discrimination is intolerable.
Appreciation Employees are consulted on relevant decisions ~ Professional development is supported ~ Personal lives are respected
Integrity Company vision is communicated and consistent with employee responsibilities ~ Employees are provided with resources and tools needed to be successful and complete tasks ~ Communication is open and accessible.

Top honors are given to companies who exhibit high rankings in all five judging categories.
•Large company category – 100+ employees
•Medium company category – 50-99 employees
•Small company category – 5-49 employees