Mexican program reunites immigrant families

Spring has brought good news for residents of Paterson, New Jersey. After many years apart, members of some 25 immigrant families reunited with their mothers living in Mexico thanks to the “Corazón de Plata: Uniendo a los Morelenses” – “Silver Heart: Bringing the People of Morelos Together” – program.

After 14 years, Adriana Álvarez was able to see her mother Amparo González-Marín again. González-Marín is 84, the oldest member of the delegation.

“There are no words to explain the immense happiness I feel seeing her, holding her again. It’s not the same as seeing her through Facebook or FaceTime. Having her in front of me and holding her in my arms is a gift from God,” said Álvarez.

After paperwork that took six months [to process], the delegation from the Mexican state of Morelos arrived in New Jersey on May 8 and will stay until the 23rd of the month.

Nicolás Jiménez had not seen his mother Cira Turiján in 12 years. He was not sure if she would be able to get a visa to travel. “Anyone can have a passport, but when she told me that she was going to get her fingerprints done, I told her that the process seemed to be on the right track.”

Turiján is happy. She plays with the three granddaughters her son has given her, and then hugs him, moved.

“He has not changed much. He is still as affectionate as he used to be with me, as he’s always been,” said Cira looking at her son.

According to Antonio Urueña, coordinator of the program created by the government of Morelos, New York Morelenses will also have the chance to see their mothers or fathers in June. Thirty other women have been approved visas to travel and will be visiting the Big Apple to see their relatives.

In July, 35 others will travel to Los Angeles, California, and 15 will visit Chicago, Illinois.

“It is important to point out that visa approval depends on the U.S. embassy in Mexico,” said Urueña.

Most of these visas were approved by the administration of President Barack Obama. The official said that President Donald Trump’s new government has not created obstacles to the continuation of the program.

Requirements include, firstly, that a Morelense association is created in the U.S. city to be visited and for a committee to replicate it in Morelos. The applicant must be over 60 years of age, have a valid passport, have no criminal or immigration history in the U.S. and that a son or daughter covers all travel and lodging expenses.

Source: Voices of NY

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