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Local community newspapers go digital

Small, local newspapers have been valued community resources across the United States for approximately 200 years, but many have faced  challenges from increasing costs and difficulty keeping up with the latest technology. However, one form of new technology can help these papers survive. A specifically designed platform can help small community papers contribute to their survival by capitalizing on mobile revenue options.

HubCiti, a digital platform and services company based in Austin, Texas, has developed a

digital platform specifically for the local newspaper industry, to help local papers maximize new

digital revenue opportunities.  HubCiti works by providing newspaper publishers with the tools to leverage customer loyalty into increased use of mobile technology and the mobile revenue opportunities that go with it.


Local newspapers can use the mobile platform to connect and forge relationships with both

consumers and advertisers. HubCiti provides not only overall development of the mobile platform,

but also implementation of the technology and ongoing management.


“Today the newspaper industry is challenged with deciding what digital revenue streams make

sense for them,” says Peggy Merian, CMO of HubCiti. “The digital landscape is ever-changing and

staying on top of what to offer is often a struggle,” she says.            “Once you decide on the products, the next challenge is finding and retaining the right people or team of people who can execute the programs that drive business — and that can be difficult. That’s where HubCiti comes in,” she adds.


Digital platforms such as HubCiti offer boundary-less opportunities for local business

owners far beyond a phone directory-style print listing in a newspaper. Mobile community papers can

offer businesses options such as purchasing keywords, adding videos, and creating smart coupons

that can be applied in real time. And schools and local Chamber of Commerce offices can also

benefit from a connection to a local Hubciti platform.


According to the HubCiti website, the platform “acts like a hub, connecting to all sectors of commerce, business, tourism and people. By centralizing all community and business information, residents can easily find what’s relevant to them — news, weather, low gas prices, local shops, restaurants, nightlife, events, city services, and more.”

The app allows local papers to become “the one-stop shop for mobile, social and online promotion advertising coordinated across all channels.”


Visit for more details and resources about maximizing digital growth

and revenue at the local level.



Source: NewsUSA


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